Philip Aarseth – Main Editor

A bit about me…

Quite simply I made this page for my friends who are looking for good movies to watch, but are too lazy to do research and often end up watching terrible movies. Hopefully this page can serve as some guideline to the quality of movies.

What’s up with the ratings?

It’s pretty simple. It goes from 0 – 10, but cutting 0-5, so I guess it’s more like 5-10 dragged onto a 0-10 rating. I wanted ratings that differenciate more from each other. So if you want a more traditional rating, just divide the rating by 2 and add 5. 

“A movie can be exciting and interesting without being good,

but it cannot be good without being exciting and interesting.”

– me

Tag explanations

If you’re looking for something specific, search for or click on a tag to see more of the same.


Some movies force a stronger reaction than others. These are usually the movies where you and your friends can’t decide if you loved it or not and you end up really liking it or really disliking it.

Crowd pleaser

The exact opposite of “polarising” Most people like these movies.


Sometimes your brain just needs a break. These movies are especially easy on the brain.

PG-13, R-Rated etc

It’s the age limit, based on IMDB if you’re wondering.


For all sorts of moods.

Release Year

Also based on IMDB.

Why are there so many highly rated movies?!

Well, when I add collections I go for the good ones. Collections have at least 10 recommendations, so adding one collection will add a lot of highly rated movies.