Lady Bird

2017, Comedy, Drama, R-rated,

Although this movie won 0 out of 5 Oscar nominations, it gets at least three and a half thumbs up out of five from me ??. It's a sweet movie about growing up with friends and family while not having it all together, or even fully knowing who you are and what you stand for.

Justice League

2017, Action, PG-13, Sci-fi,

For a movie that pairs up some of the biggest comic book heroes in history, this movie should be very exciting, sadly it's not. It has it's moments, but those are few and far between.

Thank You for Your Service

2017, Drama, R-rated, War,

This is not a war or action movie, it’s about surviving coming home to your loved ones as a soldier. It helps knowing that before watching this, because it’s not bad.

Only the Brave

2017, Drama, true story,

Pretty good movie about aspiring to be better and become a part of something bigger. If for some reason forest fires is your thing, you’ll definitely be into this one.

The Foreigner

2017, Action, R-rated,

Watching two ageing action actors go head to head is good fun. For a movie that looks like a simple brainless action movie, this one has a tad more depth, but only a tad.

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