Justice League

2017, Action, PG-13, Sci-fi,

For a movie that pairs up some of the biggest comic book heroes in history, this movie should be very exciting, sadly it's not. It has it's moments, but those are few and far between.

The Foreigner

2017, Action, R-rated,

Watching two ageing action actors go head to head is good fun. For a movie that looks like a simple brainless action movie, this one has a tad more depth, but only a tad.


2017, Action, PG-13, War,

This movie is incredibly uncomfortable, but in the best way possible. If you're wondering how it feels like being stuck on a beach when your enemies are closing in on you, check out Dunkirk!

Spider-man: Homecoming

2017, Action, Crowd pleaser, PG-13,

With only 20 minutes of screen time in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Hollands Spider-Man is already the best Spider-Man we've ever had and this movie does not disappoint. Other than being fun and exciting, Homecoming has a surprising amount of heart.

Baby Driver

2017, Action, Music,

If you love music and action movies, I think you’ll like Baby Driver, I did. Also notice how the entire movie is edited to the beat of the music, very cool!

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